Money: How to Make it Last

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Life is one big learning curve, you have to be a fast study if you want to be able to tread through life a little bit lightly. For some people life is easy for some its not so easy. There are ways to and a lot of aspect in life that needs our attention. However, one thing that would stand out in cases like this is money.  

Whether we like to accept it or not, money has a lot of bearing in the real world. If you want to have food in the table, you need money to get everything you need. So, it’s not such a shocking study when it comes to money,when you say investments, stocks, savings and even a bail bonds number, yes, going jail would still cost you money. 

However, jail time or not is not really the focus of this article, but rather on how to make money last. How to make better decisions in handling money.  



Just about anything in life has to be given effort, there is work done to achieve it. Just saying you want to save money is to weak. Make your goal clearer and achievable, say save 5000 in whatever currency you have this year or month. It makes it easier because you have a number to reach with time limit.  

      2. TAKE A STEP BACK  

When it comes to decision- making that involves money experts recommend that you take a step back. This means that try to view the situation as if you are outside of it. Money is a personal matter and if you take it too personally you may make unwise decision. So, take your time and imagine yourself outside of the situation.  


You should be aware on the things that makes you want to buy or spend money whether you needed it or not. For example, of triggers like this is passing by a bookstore, you would say ooh it’s time to buy a new book. Even though you have 20 other books that you still haven’t read. Or you pass by your favorite fast food chain and bought yourself a take out.  


Its easy to think about indulging into something and then realizing that you wasted a lot of money. However, following through your promises is a little bit harder than you could think of. You see, there are tons of ways that you don’t think of the present and future.  

A perfect example of this situation is when you have a gift card you purchased of let say 30% off on non- perishables in your local supermarket. Its deadline is today and you aren’t feeling good so you chose to go despite the situation. You ended up getting more sick and spending more on your medicine. 

So, you see, money is pretty easy to handle it’s the habits and the beliefs that we have that makes the situation a bit more challenging.  

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